The 8 Week TRX Challenge

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, or you’re
a seasoned fitness enthusiast looking to try something new, this 8-week
challenge is perfect for you. The benefits of bodyweight training have been
known for years and the benefits yielded by top athletes and the armed services
alike, the biggest problem for most people has been performing the bland
standard push up, squat, sit up combo just doesn’t provide a satisfying
workout. The addition of suspension trainers has opened up a whole world of
exercises that are both fun, functional and effective.

This 8-week challenge incorporates all the major muscle
groups that are often problem areas for many clients, with exercises that are
easy to understand and perform at any level of fitness and are scalable to be
as challenging as you desire.

Suspension training also destroys the excuse of not being
able to get to the gym, if you have a suspension trainer, you have a gym, just
be sure to be safe when using your suspension trainer at home and give it a
good hard tug to ensure it’s stable before getting into your daily workout. All
of the exercises listed in the 8-week challenge can be performed at home or a
park near your residence thus increasing your chances for successfully
completing the challenge!

As with all new fitness regimens be mindful of how your body
adapts to the challenge and take into account that any new movements may cause
muscle soreness in new areas. If exercises are proving too difficult, modify by
decreasing the amount of reps, decreasing the amount of sets or changing the
angle at which you have approached each exercise. You may be exceptional in
some areas of fitness but with new exercises come new challenges and muscles
being worked now may have never been worked before.

Be sure to take regular breaks as outlined in the program as
well as drinking water regularly before during and after the workout.
Stretching before and after each workout is also advised to avoid chances of
muscle strain or extended muscular soreness post workout. It is also
recommended to ensure a good night’s sleep post workout to allow for maximum
muscle repair. Rest is important when undertaking exercise, your body need
ample time to recover from the hard work it’s been doing and revitalise for the
coming days activities. Without adequate rest your less likely to see the
results you want, and you’ll find it harder to put in the maximum effort to
each of your work outs throughout the week.

Finally don’t forget to reward yourself once in a while,
your working hard achieving new goals and you need to remind yourself from time
to time that you’re improving, hitting targets and making a positive change in
your life,­ and important part of that is recognising yourself for putting in
the hard yards. This 8-week challenge will put you on the path to changing and
revitalising your health and fitness journey, Enjoy it!




WEEK 1 - 4

Fortnight 1 – Day 1 (8 Week Challenge)
For workout one we’re going to start out with a basic push pull legs format giving an even whole-body workout, with the addition of a core exercise.
Fortnight 1 – Day 2 (8 Week Challenge)
For workout two we will follow the same push, pull, legs format as day one with a little more core work involved and of course a variation in exercises.
Fortnight 1 – Day 3 (8 Week Challenge)
For workout 3 we will continue the push, pull, legs format with a continued focus on core work with the addition of some extra back work to round out the week with full body coverage.
Fortnight 2 – Day 1 (8 Week Challenge)
By now you should be feeling a lot more comfortable using the TRX equipment, or if you already have TRX experience you should have settled back into the feeling of using the suspension trainer.
Fortnight 2 – Day 2 (8 Week Challenge)
For workout two we will be hitting each of the major muscle groups with a focus at the end of the session on shoulder tone and definition by isolating the deltoids.
Fortnight 2 – Day 3 (8 Week Challenge)
For workout three we will finish up with a full body workout with no isolation exercises, instead choosing to favour the larger muscle sets in the body by doubling up on leg and back work.

WEEK 5 - 8

Fortnight 3 – Day 1 (8 Week Challenge)
Moving into the third fortnight of the eight-week challenge we will be swapping to a more traditional four-day split, adding an extra day to your workout week allows us to split each workout into its specific muscle group.
Fortnight 3 – Day 2 (8 Week Challenge)
For workout two we will be focusing on the chest muscle group. Cover the full chest range of upper, mid and lower chest this range of exercises will provide a good even coverage for your chest with slight work in the triceps as well to aid with arm toning.
Fortnight 3 – Day 3 (8 Week Challenge)
For workout three we will focus on the core muscles to continue building core strength in your body.
Fortnight 3 – Day 4 (8 Week Challenge)
For workout four we will be focusing on the largest muscle group in the body, the legs.
Fortnight 4 – Day 1 (8 Week Challenge)
Moving into the final fortnight of the challenge we’ll be upping the ante again by introducing super sets to each of the workout plans to really drive the challenge to the finish line.
Fortnight 4 – Day 2 (8 Week Challenge)
For workout two we will be focusing on chest, core and legs. We will be following the same super set instructions as workout one.

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