Sets: 2 - 3 Sets

Man performing the TRX Pike

TRX Prone Pike

The TRX Prone Pike exercise is similar to the TRX Suspended Jackknife, only this time, you are performing a pike, as opposed to a tuck, which greatly increases the difficulty of this movement. Again, this is a great core activator, but if you are somewhat weak, it can target the hip flexors too much

Man performing a TRX Kneeling Rollout

TRX Kneeling Fallout

The TRX Kneeling Fallout exercise is a variation of a Swiss ball rollout or the Ab Roller movement. The emphasis is placed on the core muscles, plus a good amount of shoulder stability is required.

Man performing the TRX body saw

TRX Body Saw

The TRX Body Saw is a dynamic form of the plank position, executed on the elbows, in order to get more ab/core recruitment. Great for dynamic shoulder stability and core activation, especially in the Saggital/font-to-back plane of movement.