Level: Beginner

Man performing the TRX high row

TRX Wide Grip Rows

The TRX Wide Grip Rows is similar to the Low Row and Inverted Row. The major difference is the arms are abducted at about 45-75 degrees, which takes the Latissumus Dorsi out of the equation and puts more stress an the Rear Delts, Rhomboids, and Middle/Lower Traps. That makes this exercises biomechanically more difficult to execute,

Man performing a TRX single arm reach

TRX Power Pull

The TRX Power Pull is of benefit in two ways: 1. This exercise is of a rotational nature, meaning that you are working on a Transverse plane, as opposed to the usual Saggital or Frontal plane. Most of the movement we do tend to be in the Saggital plane, like running, pushing, pulling, etc.

Man performing the TRX chest press

TRX Chest Press

The TRX Push Up a shoulder stability challenge to the regular pushup, plus it allows you to get a fuller range of motion, similar to a cable flye or pec deck machine, for added muscle stimulation.

TRX Pro 4 Strap

TRX Fly Push Ups

TRX Fly Pushups performed unilaterally, with one arm on the (stable) floor, and the other using the (unstable TRX strap. This effectively adds a shoulder core stability element to the traditional floor pushup for greater benefit.

Girl Performing TRX Sprinters Start

TRX Sprinter Start

The TRX Sprinter start is a good way to incorporate a usually stationary plank into a dynamic movement. This exercise will target your lower body muscles, with the key being a strong hip extension/ hip thrust. .Because it is a good dynamic exercise, it can also be utilized for cardio benefit.

Man performing a TRX Kneeling Rollout

TRX Kneeling Fallout

The TRX Kneeling Fallout exercise is a variation of a Swiss ball rollout or the Ab Roller movement. The emphasis is placed on the core muscles, plus a good amount of shoulder stability is required.

Man performing a TRX Face Pull

TRX Inverted Row

TRX inverted rows are a great way to build up your back strength by first mastering your own bodyweight. They can be used as a stepping stone to chin ups and pull ups. Using a TRX rather than a barbell to perform inverted rows places constant pressure on your back muscles.

Man performing a TRX Triceps Extension

TRX Tricep Extension

The TRX Tricep Extension is similar to the Skull Crusher the only difference is that your body is the weight rather than a barbell. This is one of the best tricep exercises you can do on the TRX as it can be used to work all three heads of the Trciecp by changing the position of your elbows.

Girl performing TRX Biceps Curl

TRX Bicep Curls

Biceps are one of those muscles most people admire which is not surprising as it is one of the most utilised muscles in our body. The TRX Bicep curl is an amazing exercise that will strengthen your Biceps with nothing but your body weight and the TRX Suspension Trainer.